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    For dairy, beef cattle and sheep entrepreneurs

    • Milk recording
    • Herd and Feed Management
    • Heifer Services
    • Udder Health and Fertility Services
    • Grassland Management

    For crop, vegetable, pig and poultry entrepreneurs

    • Crop production plans
    • Animal farm feeding and production plan
    • Crop production Specialist Advisors
    • Environmental services

    For all farms

    • Economy management, investment and organic services
    • Energy solutions and efficient energy usage
    • Bioeconomy is a new new service that includes services for energy production and usage, building, design and construction.

    Business and Accounting Services

    • Business development and business plans
    • Business arrangements when starting up
    • Change-of-Ownership
    • Education and training services
    • Accounting Services
    • Special know-how for rural industries (Foodstuff production, Tourism and Food service, Horses, Machinery contracting, Energy and Greencare businesses)