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  • Oulu Region Bioeconomy Leader Tour 2016–2019

    The project organised communication, information and advisory activities targeting rural entrepreneurs, people interested in entrepreneurship and all village level actors linked to the regional bioeconomy in the Oulu Leader region. The information was tailored to the specific characteristics of the Oulu Leader region and the real needs and interests of the region’s rural enterprises.

    The project activities included interactive information events, needs surveys for regional actors and villages interested in new cooperation models, articles and communications in the internet, social media and other medias. The content of the information activities was tailored to the region’s specificities and covered village bioeconomy models, rural tourism, leisure and well-being services, branding rural landscapes, collaboration models for rural enterprises, circular economy, biogas, forest bioeconomy, natural harvesting products, local food and digitalisation.

    The project developed the understanding of what bioeconomy could mean in this particular region and what concrete opportunities it offers for the territory. The project helped rural enterprises and villages to discover opportunities to increase collaboration around new bio-based business models, products and services.